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Driver Wanted
(1)Clean driving license.
(2)Must be of smart appearance.
(3)Aged over 25.
Apply to:Capes Taxis,17 Palace Road,Boston.
Air Hostesses for International Flights Wanted
(1)Applicants must be between 20 and 33 years old.
(2)Height 1.6m to 1.75m.
(3)Education to GCSE standard.
(4)Two languages.Must be able to swim.
Apply to:Recruitment office,Southern Airline,Heathrow Airport West.HR37KK
Teacher Needed
For private language school.Teaching experience unnecessary.
Apply to :The Director of Studies,Instant Language Ltd,279 Canal Street,Boston.
1.What prevents Jack,an experienced taxi driver,working for Capes Taxis?
A.Fond of beer and wine.
B.Punished for speeding and wrong parking.
C.Unable to speak a foreign language.
D.Not having college education.
2.Ben,aged 22,fond of swimming and driving,has just graduated from a college.Which job might be given to him?
A.Driving for Capes Taxis.
B.Working for Southern Airlines.
C.Teaching at Instant Language Ltd.
D.None of the three.
3.What prevents Mary,aged 25,becoming an air hostess for international flights?
A.She once broke a traffic law and was fined.
B.She can't speak Japanese very well.
C.She has never worked as an air hostess before.
D.She doesn't feel like working long hours flying abroad.
4.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the three advertisements?
B.Male or female.
D.Working experience.
Many immigrants(移民) to the United States find the decision to seek better lives for their familiesin America can have an unexpected and tragic consequence(后果).Deep differences with their children develop over language and culture.
“Many immigrants arrive here without much education.Their kids soon gain language skills and also street smarts(耍时髦) on how to live in America,leaving the parents at a disadvantage,”Ileana,Rosas,pastor of a Methodist church group operaing in Virginia,said.?
“Not only that but they find they cannot relate to children who quickly absorb American culture,”she said.
According to the US Census Bureau(人口调查),the number of foreign born or first generation Americans reached 55 million last year,a record one in five the totalpopulation.
A government survey of 922 immigrants in 2000 found that nearly 40 percent of those who had been in the United States for more than 15 years would still like to take English classes if they had the time.
Two thirds of low income households depended on their children for translation.
Psychologists(心理学家) and sociologists say parents can lose their position of authority(权威) in a family as a result and the effects of that can be farreaching.
Children exposed to American pop culture that glorifies(颂扬) youth and sexuality(性感)often rebel when their parents try to impose the conservative valuesthey brought with them. “Americaniation erodes(侵蚀) all critical(紧要的) aspects of parenting,”saidRichard Weissbourd,who teaches education at Harvard University.
“I feel a part of me is dying with my children.They don't listen to my music.I have to play it on Sunday morning when they are not around,”said an immigrant.1.What troubles the immigrant parents most is .——
A.that they can't understand the English language
B.that they lose their position of authority in their families
C.that their children have lost sense of their own national values
D.how they can master the English language as soon as possible
2.From the passage we can infer that the population of the States at present is about.——
A.275 million
B.220 million
C.255 million
D.smaller than 250 million?
3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.All the immigrants had expected the troubles they would meet before they went to the US.
B.Two thirds of the immigrant families are low income households.
C.American culture shows a spirit against conservative social and cultural values.
D.American pop culture puts the immigrant families at a disadvantage.
4.Which of the following is probably the title of the report
A.The Result of the US Census
B.The Differences Between Parents and Children in the US
C.The Troubles of the American Immigrants
D.Role Reversal(颠倒) Troubles Many Parents and Children
1.从第一部分“Clean driving license”不应受罚过。答案为B。
2.她的年龄不够“Capes Taxis”的要求。她也不符合招收空姐的条件,但她符合C“Teaching at Instant Language Ltd”的要求。答案为C。?
1.从文中第七段“Psychologists and sociologists say parents can lose theirposition of authority in a family as a result and the effects of that can be farreaching”中找出答案。答案为B。
3.从文中第八段可以找出答案:“Children exposed to American pop culture that glorifies youth and sexuality often rebel when their parents…”答案为C。 4.通过全文可以得出结论。答案为D。






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